A new gen marketplace for your hotel chain

Travelers get a cool new way to book your hotels.

Who are the players in this marketplace?

Your Chain HQ

The network operator. You provide Hotel Booking Services through messaging for all hotels in the chain.

Member Hotels

Each hotel in your chain also gets a messaging platform. Travelers can message them direct.

The Traveler

The Traveler experiences a cool new way to book hotels and plan vacations with your chain.

Service Providers

You can also bring local experience providers to your network. To deliver even more value to your guests.

Why should the traveler care?


No website to log in
No app to download.
No password to remember.
No remarketing ads following them.

Just simple messaging with instant responses.

Backed up by responsive human agents 24/7/365

Travelers message you from Google Business Messages

The perfect entry point from their Google Search

Or from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp


The power of messaging

If consumers could use a messaging channel to browse and ask questions before they buy.

80% are likely to buy*

WhatsApp and FB Messenger users worldwide

3.3 Billion

Consumers who have used a private messaging channel to engage with a brand in 2020*


Consumers who expected customer engagement over messaging channels in 2020*


* Conversocial2020

Upsell upgrades and ancillary services

  • Upsell Spa, salon services, airport pickups, local experiences..
  • Upsell room upgrades.
  • Offer restaurant vouchers.
  • Send happy hour notifications.

All through messaging.

Travelers will enjoy a completely reimagined customer experience.

Through a combination of AI Automation

And responsive human support that's easier than phone and email.

Markedly enhancing guest loyalty. And your CSAT scores. Leapfrogging your brand way ahead of your competition.