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A single Messaging Platform that connects everyone in your Hotel

  • Messaging Platform on iOS, Android and the Web.
  • Create unlimited number of Groups and Channels.
  • Have unlimited number of people in a Group.
  • Create Broadcast-only Channels.
  • Enroll contractors and interns with limited access.
  • Import users in bulk.
  • Authenticate users either through email or through their phone number.
  • Optionally roll out 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Optionally offer Google Single Sign on
  • Use Active Directory Integration for authentication.
  • Easily upload files of any type and make them available to team members. Drop the headache of tedious mail attachments.
  • Experience fast and powerful Search that works at 10x the efficiency of competing systems.
  • Search and retrieve images and videos based on what is contained in them!
  • Search scanned paper documents, vouchers and bills based on text written on these documents!
  • Create special media channels to store and share images and videos. Define granular permissions just like you would with traditional folders. Retrieve images and videos using plain English. Just like you would ask Alexa!
  • Use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox integrations to share files into
  • Initiate instant meetings as well as schedule meetings from within through its deep integration with Zoom.
  • 1500+ App integrations (coming soon).
  • Trello-like To-dos.
  • Contextual connect with Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and telco calls.
Access operational data in PMS through voice or text, anyplace, anytime Custom Pricing
Text with your guests through their preferred channel - SMS/Text, Whatsapp, Messenger, RCS Messaging Custom Pricing
Smart-Upsell(™). Available March 2020 Custom Pricing

The world loves to text. Are you ready?

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