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Frontline workers are your employees like retail sales executives, hospitality staff, medical workers, field staff and even teams on the manufacturing floor.

Since frontline workers are not desk-bound employees, their smartphones would be their device of choice for most of their work applications.

Cordiaa is a team collaboration platform extensively powered by AI. Users can interact with Cordiaa in natural language just like they would with Alexa and get things done.

As frontline workers are on their jobs, they come across several situations where they need help from a fellow worker or a supervisor or where they have to access an operating manual or other documents to get work done. This may be whilst they are interacting with a customer or with an application interface or talking to a prospect.

Enter Performance Support Chatbots: On Demand, Moment-of-need Support for Frontline Workers

You can build an unlimited number of Performance Support bots on Cordiaa for any use case that makes it easy for people to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

These Performance Support Bots can be designed by a business person rather than a technical person right on the Cordiaa platform itself, so there’s no need to depend on scarce IT resources or an outside vendor to develop and deploy these bots very quickly.

Performance Support bots can be built on Cordiaa for any number of topics, product lines, processes, policies, activities like customer support, applications, modules within a specific applications, the list is endless.

For instance, frontline workers in retail sales can interact with Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa through a conversational user interface and get critical product information at the moment of need to provide the highest levels of service to their customers.

Your frontline workers carry your brand

Your frontline workers are the people who are most likely to interact with your customers. They carry your brand

So, it’s very important that they have a platform that enables them to engage with the company, with their co-workers and with the backend systems at the moment of need through a single app.

Your frontline workers can now be empowered through your organization’s AI-powered team collaboration platform that runs on their smartphones.

With Cordiaa on their phones, you foster a better organizational culture, smarter collaboration and teamwork amongst your frontline workers.

Make it easy to educate, train your frontline workers

When you introduce a new product or a service, instructional videos on new products and services can be pushed into the messaging workspace on Cordiaa to your frontline workers.

By establishing topic-based channels on Cordiaa for frontline workers, information pertaining to a specific topic or a particular product or service can be broadcast to, shared and discussed between people assigned to that channel.

Line of Business applications can send notifications to designated Cordiaa channels to ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times while eliminating the need for sending a multitude of emails which may never be opened or read.

Get the new hires up-to-speed quickly enough

Frontline workers typically change jobs more often than other employees and most organizations are constantly hiring new employees to fill these open positions.

When new employees come on board, Performance Support bots on Cordiaa can answer a wide range of questions from the new hires without them having to talk to a human. This also saves the otherwise productive time of more experienced employees as they do not have to be distracted or allocate time for training the new hires every time a new hire comes on board.

For the Geographically Distributed and Travelling Workforce

A lot of frontline workers are geographically distributed in different outlets of the organization or they are constantly on the move. With Cordiaa on their phones, managers at the HQ can interact with their frontline workers, keep them engaged and motivated and can answer any questions that they might have, in real time.

Again, well-designed Performance Support bots on Cordiaa can help people on the field get critical support on the go right on their smartphones.

Magically transform the value of your market data

Marketing and Field Executives in consumer goods can use their smartphones to capture critical market information through photos and videos of their products as well as of their competitors, for example on retail shelves.

They can channel these photos and videos into designated media channels on Cordiaa where the media will be automatically tagged using computer vision AI models integrated with the platform for easy search and discovery using the natural language interface.

Cordiaa is offered at a low, attractive, subscription pricing that does not break the bank.

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