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One of the things you would love using Cordiaa is its conversational interface.

The Cordiaa Conversational Interface uses speech recognition and text to augment the Graphical User Interface.

The Cordiaa Conversational Interface is powered by the same engine that runs Alexa

Powered by the same conversational engine that runs Amazon Alexa, the Cordiaa Conversational Interface has been built with the single-minded goal of delivering you an experience that makes your work markedly easy and efficient, every single day.

You can use voice and natural language text to get things done or to retrieve information on Cordiaa

Unlike traditional applications, there’s no need for you to search for a specific function in the GUI on Cordiaa.

You just speak or type in natural language to perform an action or to ask for information.

Andrea, your virtual assistant, converses with you to understand your intent and contextually performs the function for you.

With Cordiaa on, the Help Center is passé

With the Cordiaa Conversational Interface on, we have virtually eliminated the Help Center and Help documentation.

You do not need to go to the Help Center or go through Help documentation anymore to understand how something is done.

Instead, just say what you want to do, in plain English.

And Andrea will take care of your request.

No more slash commands , no more keyboard shortcuts , just speak or text

Oh! Those slash commands that techies love. And those keyboard shortcuts. We have eliminated them as well!!

Instead, just speak or text, in plain English. And get things done!

Build your own Bots right on Cordiaa, without bothering IT folks

Nobody knows your business as well as YOU do.

Our easy to use bot-builder interface enables YOU to build Performance Support Chatbots (or Help Bots) for a wide range of use cases that are critical to your business.

Each Performance Support Chatbot that YOU build on Cordiaa can be focused on any use case where you make it easy for your users to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

Your Performance Support Chatbots deliver moment-of-need information required by a worker while interacting with a customer, while completing a process or when using an application.

People can ask questions to your Performance Support chatbots in natural language (voice or text) and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

And you can keep these chatbots continually updated through a Knowledge Gap Dashboard that highlights unanswered questions and any outdated information delivered by these bots.

Sales Teams, Support Teams, Field Service Workers, Frontline Employees, Knowledge Workers, everyone is benefited through the Performance Support Chatbots that business can build themselves without having to depend on IT folks.

Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa can make a significant impact on the efficiency of your workplace by providing answers on demand to people at scale, all through a friendly and familiar conversational interface.

Search is king, and you can use plain English to search

Cordiaa has arguably the smartest and fastest search on this planet amongst team collaboration applications.

And did you know this?

Our search indexes automatically include the cognitive content of any images and videos you store or share on Cordiaa.

Your photos, scanned vouchers and receipts, videos, all these resources are automatically analyzed for their cognitive content (people, places, objects, scenes, embedded text, gender, age, emotions, facial attributes), automatically tagged at scale and included in Cordiaa search indexes.

You can use plain English to search for content on Cordiaa like: ‘Search for all images with women wearing sunglasses’ to retrieve all images which have women wearing sunglasses.

Or ‘Search Le Bernardin in messages posted last month’ to retrieve the restaurant bill for the staff lunch at Le Bernardin last month.

And if you want to retrieve a specific file or files, you can search for those files like, ‘Search for all pdf files i shared with Jane Doe last week’ and Andrea delivers those files instantaneously.

Also, the powerful GUI search is always on hand when you want to dig even deeper.

On Cordiaa, you can use natural language to ask questions, get answers and to complete sophisticated tasks.

Anything and everything that you want to get done on Cordiaa, you can use plain English and get that done.

With Cordiaa Conversational Interface, any underlying friction with respect to getting things done goes away.

Cordiaa is offered at a low, attractive, subscription pricing that does not break the bank.

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