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Your Performance Support Chatbots deliver moment-of-need information required by a worker

You can build your own Performance Support chatbots on Cordiaa without having to depend on your IT folks.

Nobody knows your business as well as you do.

Our Do-it-Yourself interface enables you to build these bots for a wide range of use cases that are critical to your business.

Each Performance Support Chatbot can be focused on any use case where you can make it easy for users to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

Once a Performance Support Chatbot has been built and published, users can talk to the bot just like they would talk one-to-one with any other user on Cordiaa.

3X the Deal Efficiency of your Sales Teams

Sales can themselves build Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa for their teams, and reps can get fresh, accurate information from specialized chatbots, as they talk to customers and prospects.

Resources like marketing videos, product brochures, fact sheets, value propositions, case studies, product catalogs, price lists, marketing bulletins, discount matrices and customer lists now become available to Sales reps on demand, in a matter of a few seconds. Sales reps can interact with these bots through voice or text depending on the context they’re in.

And, these bots can be built to answer granular questions on specific products or lines, so that any and all information that a sales rep needs as they interact with the customer can be easily retrieved through natural language queries.

With these Performance Support Bots to back your sales teams, customers will always find the sales rep having the right answers to all their questions, whether in a face-to-face meeting or on the phone with the customer.

Also, new reps who come on board can become productive up to 3 times faster through these bots built for Sales Teams.

Since Sales can build these bots on their own, they do not have to wait for IT to continually improve these bots.

Knowledge Gap Dashboard

A Knowledge Gap Dashboard for each bot reflects any query that the bot has not successfully responded to.

While Cordiaa auto-tracks any questions that are not answered by the bot, users can also flag specific bot responses that do not meet their expectations. Performance Support Bot admins and curators can continually update the bots to enhance their coverage and accuracy.

Extend Performance Support Bots to Customer Support Team, Service Workers and all Frontline Employees

You can build similar Performance Support Bots for your Customer Support Teams, Field Service Workers and Frontline Employees.

Move content in Employee Manuals, SOPs to be served by Performance Support Bots through a natural language interface

You can also move content from FAQs, Employee Manuals, Employee on-boarding Processes, Standard Operating Procedures, Product Manuals, Application Help documentation into Performance Support Bots.

You can consider Performance Support Bots in any use case where you can make it easy for your users on Cordiaa to ask questions in natural language and get immediate answers without having to talk to a human.

Performance Support Bots for your enterprise applications

Your enterprise applications, legacy or otherwise, may have hundreds of pages of help documentation.

Instead of your users having to access lengthy documentation, they can directly interact in natural language with a Performance Support Bot built for that specific application and get immediate answers for their questions.

By rolling out Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa, you enhance employee productivity by providing on-the-job access to integrated information, advice, and learning experiences.

Onboard New Employees and get them productive faster

With Performance Support Bots, new employees can be onboarded quickly and can become productive 3 times faster without existing skilled performers having to spend a lot of time training the new recruits.

Reduce Support Costs on applications and Internal IT

Performance Support Bots reduce support costs for enterprise applications and internal IT as users can get contextual support on-demand from the corresponding Bot on Cordiaa.

Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa can make a significant impact on the efficiency of your workplace by providing answers on demand to people at scale, all through a friendly and familiar conversational interface.

And you can build and publish these Bots without bothering your IT folks.

Need professional help in building Performance Support Bots on Cordiaa?

You can build Performance Support Bots directly on Cordiaa.

If you need any professional help or guidance in building these bots, we could provide you with a 30-minute professional session online.

If you would like us to build these Bots for you, please contact us and our professional services team is always ready to help.

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