We give you a back-of-house communication solution that connects everyone in your hotel, top management to frontline, full-time to flex-time

When you deploy Cordiaa in your hotel

  • You streamline communication across the hotel, with everyone in sync
  • And deliver a consistent employee experience with moment-of-need Performance Support
  • Transforming your people into a highly engaged Workforce
  • With significantly enhanced levels of productivity
  • And reduced employee turnover
  • Resulting in lower recruitment, onboarding and training costs
  • Whilst delivering a far superior guest experience through empowered frontline workers who carry your hotel’s brand at all times with pride and dignity.

Empower your people like never before. Through Performance Support!

  • Empower your Front Office, F&B, Housekeeping, Spa/Fitness and Engineering through specialized Performance Support Chatbots that you yourselves can build, deploy and manage without bothering IT folks.
  • These chatbots deliver moment-of-need information to the associate whilst completing an operation or process, whilst using a software application or when the employee has a question on a specific topic
  • Associates can ask questions in plain English to these chatbots (voice or text) and get answers without having to talk to a human.
  • You can keep these chatbots continually updated through a Knowledge Gap Dashboard that highlights unanswered questions and also any outdated information delivered by these chatbots.
  • These chatbots can also be designed for onboarding new employees, and for training both current and new employees.

In the tight labor market we’re in today, do not let language be a show-stopper whilst recruiting the best people for departments like housekeeping.

  • Cordiaa keeps everyone connected by enabling people to chat in the language they are most comfortable in.
  • The AI-powered multilingual translation model embedded in Cordiaa enables seamless conversations between two people who may not speak a common language.
David Holman

Maria, 314, we have an early check-in

11:10 AM
María Ramírez López

314 is ready

11:10 AM
David Holman

Great! Thank You. Let me update the front desk

María Ramírez López

You are welcome

11:10 AM
David Holman
(Floor Supervisor)
Does not speak Spanish
David Holman

Maria, 314, tenemos un check-in temprano

11:10 AM
María Ramírez López

314 está listo

11:10 AM
David Holman

¡Excelente! Gracias. Déjame actualizar la recepción

María Ramírez López

De nada

11:10 AM
María Ramírez López
(Guest Room Attendant)
Speaks only Spanish

And how about using Voice & Text to get things done and to retrieve information.

We have integrated the same engine that runs Alexa into your communication solution. So much so that you could use voice or text to perform an action or to ask for information.

Andrea, your AI assistant on Cordiaa, converses with you to understand your intent and contextually performs the function for you.

A single Messaging Platform that connects everyone in your Hotel

  • Messaging Platform on iOS, Android and the Web.
  • Create unlimited number of Groups and Channels.
  • Have unlimited number of people in a Group.
  • Create Broadcast-only Channels.
  • Enroll contractors and interns with limited access.
  • Import users in bulk.
  • Authenticate users either through email or through their phone number.
  • Optionally roll out 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Optionally offer Google Single Sign on.
  • Use Active Directory Integration for authentication.
  • Easily upload files of any type and make them available to team members. Drop the headache of tedious mail attachments.
  • Experience fast and powerful Search that works at 10x the effciency of competing systems.
  • Search and retrieve images and videos based on what is contained in them!
  • Search scanned documents, vouchers and bills based on text written on these documents!
  • Create special media channels to store and share images and videos. Define granular permissions just like you would with traditional folders. Retrieve images and videos using plain English. Just like you would ask Alexa!
  • Integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Initiate instant meetings as well as schedule meetings from within Cordiaa through its deep integration with Zoom.
  • 1500+ App integrations (coming soon).
  • Trello-like To-dos.
  • Contextual connect with Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and telco calls.

The AI-Powered Internal Communication Platform that connects everyone in your hotel, top management to frontline, full-fime to flex-time