Cloud Contact Center for Hotel Chains

Deliver superior guest service at less than 50% of current costs. Through an easy-to-use omni-channel cloud contact center.

True Omni-Channel

Omni-channel Chat Messages

All in one place.

100% Cloud-based

Fast, secure, high-quality, personalized guest service that drives better guest experiences and more direct bookings.

A single UI to handle all channels.

Conversational AI

Automates interactions and gracefully hands over to an agent when needed.

Guests do not have to put up with IVR anymore. Instead, they interact in natural language.


To support voice, there’s no need to bring a telephony provider to your contact center.

Instead, you get Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and/or Toll Free Numbers. There’s no need to manage many vendors. Or to negotiate complex multi-year contracts. Or to commit to peak call volumes.

You can have different phone numbers in different international locations. So that guests can call a local number to connect with you.

Guests can call into your contact center using any phone.

Instead of the traditional IVR experience, guests can speak on call pickup. And get instant voice responses through AI automation.

They can ask for an agent any time during the call and the conversation is then transferred to a live agent.

They can also ask for a chat. In which case the conversation immediately transfers into an asynchronous chat experience.

Omni-channel Chat Messages

Supports asynchronous messaging from 5+ messaging channels.

- WhatsApp
- FB Messenger
- Google Business Messages
- Apple Business Chat
- SMS/Text
- Native Web Chat.

Guests get instant responses to their questions and requests through AI automation. And the conversation is handed over to a live agent when required.


The omni-channel communications dashboard presents every single reservation/sales email requiring attention.

Your team responds to emails at least 2-3 times faster than before. Without even one email falling through the cracks.

Guests, corporate customers and travel agent partners couldn't be more impressed.

While your team works smarter. And closes more bookings.


Agents can work from anywhere in the world.

For voice communications, agents use a web-based softphone for incoming and outgoing telephony. All they need is an internet connection and a headset to provide high quality guest service

The softphone delivers high fidelity 16 kHz audio. And it is resistant to packet-loss. This ensures a high-quality call experience

Agents get a single web-based dashboard.

To respond to voice, chat and email communications.