Performance Support Chatbots deliver moment-of-need information to your Sales Rep when interacting with a customer or a prospect.

Cordiaa provides a Do-It-Yourself interface for business end-users to themselves build and deploy these Performance Support Chatbots.

Sales can themselves build Performance Support Chatbots on Cordiaa for their teams, and reps can get fresh, accurate information from specialized chatbots, as they talk to customers and prospects.

Resources like marketing videos, product brochures, fact sheets, value propositions, case studies, product catalogs, price lists, marketing bulletins, discount matrices and customer lists now become available to Sales reps on demand, in a matter of a few seconds. Sales reps can interact with these bots through voice or text depending on the context they’re in.

And, these bots can be built to answer granular questions on specific products or lines, so that any and all information that a sales rep needs as they interact with the customer can be easily retrieved through natural language queries.

With these Performance Support Chatbots to back your sales teams, customers will always find the sales rep having the right answers to all their questions, whether in a face-to-face meeting or on the phone with the customer.

Also, new reps who come on board can become productive up to 3 times faster through these bots built for Sales Teams.

Since Sales can build these bots on their own, they do not have to wait for IT to continually improve these bots.

About Cordiaa

Cordiaa is an AI-Powered messaging platform with voice and natural language interfaces for sales teams, frontline workers, field service workers and non-technical knowledge workers.

Cordiaa is offered at a low, attractive, subscription pricing that does not break the bank.

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