The cool new way to book your next hotel stay

No website to login. No re-marketing ads following you. No app to download. Just simple messaging.

The $0 Commission Booking is here

When you book your next hotel room with us, as a community member, you get it at the lowest wholesale price.

No commissions charged, whatsover. Best Prices Guaranteed at any destination across the world.

Win Points which are as good as dollars.

You win $Points with certain bookings and referrals.

Every point equates to a dollar.

So, no more guesses as to how much your earned points are worth!

No website to visit. No app to download.

And no re-marketing ads chasing you all over the web.

Just message us.

And we deliver the booking content on your preferred messaging app.

If you're a hotel, we can give you an Automated Front Desk that responds instantly to guest messages and hands over the conversation to a real person when required.

With the same technology that helps travelers book any hotel at any destination, your guests can book rooms and buy ancillary services directly from your hotel through simple messaging.

Guests message your hotel from their Google Search, your Google Ads*, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and get best-in-class experiences through a combination of AI automation and graceful live agent handover. 24/7/365.

Are you a provider in the travel space? We want you to be part of our community.

So that travelers can contact you directly and buy your products and services.

Through simple messaging.

You sell directly to travelers. Without any middlemen around.

Deliver personalized services and bill them inside the community network or outside. The choice is yours.