How It Works


A portfolio of inexpensive solutions

That transform your hotel into a digital travel company.


Enabling you to sell a range of travel services

In addition to selling rooms and traditional ancillary services


With zero upfront investment. You pay as you go.

And without being bound by long term contracts.


None of your current revenue channels go away

Those continue to generate revenue as they do now.


While you get a fresh new set of revenue streams

That will make your hotel a more sustainable business.


USD 75/month

Your Property eCommerce site

That sells rooms, ancillary services and third-party services like never before. Mobile-optimized. Quick setup. No hidden costs.

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USD 150/month

Omni-channel Messaging Digital Front Desk

Deliver personalized guest experiences. From FB Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Search. Google Ads*. AI automation with Agent handover

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USD 200/month

eCommerce Site + Omni-channel Messaging

You get the best results when you opt for both. Through the extensive integration between the hotel's website and the omni-channel messaging platform.