How it Works


Digital Concierge

Our Digital Concierge solution enhances the yield from your Hotel's investments in SEO and Social. It helps travelers who are not yet your guests engage with your Hotel from Search and Social. And get instant responses to their queries 24/7.


Your guests could engage with you from:

  • Their Google Search of your Hotel
  • Your Hotel Facebook Page
  • Your Hotel Instagram Page
  • Your Independent Website
  • Your Hotel’s Emails


24/7 Live Agents

Our solution includes professionals trained in global hospitality etiquette who respond 24/7 whenever a guest conversation transitions to a live agent. And take follow up action based on the nature of request from the guest and laid-out protocol for your property.


Messaging Channels

The following channels are supported:
FB Messenger
Google Business Messages
We will keep adding more channels.


Low Additional Spend

Without 24/7 Live Agents:
$2 per room/month paid annually in advance.
With 24/7 Live Agents from Cord Dot Travel:
$4 per room/month paid annually in advance.
One Time Setup Cost: $2880
Annual Contract.

About Us

Our mission is to help travel and leisure businesses engage so much more directly with their customers through digital.

Our digital solutions are designed to eliminate the middlemen and to enhance customer experience whilst significantly reducing costs of engagement.